5 comments on “Pearl Harbor

  1. I spent a day in Oahu last year with my family, on a return trip from the United States. We stayed at Waikiki beach. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to visit Pearl Harbor. Next time, I would definitely like to go there and learn more about what happened.

    Some people believe that a number of high ranking American officials knew about the Japanese attack well in advance and let it happen in order to bolster support from American people in a war with Japan. Do you think that is true?

    • Thank you for your message.
      It sound great!
      I want go to Oahu someday,and learn about perl Harbor.

      I think it was true.
      Because American army is very very big and powerful.
      I think they can proceed with thing to suit their own convenience.

    • Thank you for your message.
      I am glad that you love movies.
      Anyway,I recommend this movie.
      「Life is beutiful」
      This movie is about importance of family.
      Please check it out!

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